The construction of the New Church began in 1381, after an unusual vision. It is the 'new’ one, because another church already stood on the Oude Delft. That was the St Hippolytus Church, now known as the Old Church (Oude Kerk).

The history of the construction of the New Church spans around three centuries. Up until 1420, a wooden ‘emergency church' stood on this site, dedicated to Mary. Then the construction of a stone basilica began around it. This would be dedicated to St Ursula.

Cross shape
As with many churches, the construction of the New Church was done in stages. The first stone of the transept was laid down in 1393. The church was to be built in the shape of a cross, an important symbol for Christians.

The New Church was finally completed in 1655, having already endured a devastating city fire, the Iconoclasm, the Delft Thunderclap (gunpowder explosion) and various renovations. As well as the symbolism of the cross-shape, you will also find references in the church to the twelve apostles, the four evangelists and the sixteen prophets from the Bible.


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